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Chris Yost-Bremm, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Finance at San Francisco State University. Dr. Yost-Bremm has been with Real Property Analytics since 2014, developing and critiquing statistical methodologies involving real property on behalf of numerous firms and individuals. Dr. Yost-Bremm has significant experience in analyzing the impacts of environmental contamination, particularly under class action or mass tort claims (at both the certification and merit stages). He has also provided statistical analysis services under non-litigation circumstances, involving environmental cleanups by international government agencies.

In addition to environmental contamination, Dr. Yost-Bremm has provided analytic services for mining and other industrial properties, and has analyzed numerous other commercial and residential property types under complex economic situations. He has assisted in developing real property testimony involving class-level insurance claims, among other matters. 

Dr. Yost-Bremm has published work in finance and real estate related academic journals, including The Journal of Behavioral Finance, Cities, and The Journal of Computer Information Systems. In addition, through the use of complex econometric models, he and Dr. Jackson have studied the impacts of environmental contamination on income capitalization rate risk premiums and sales prices for commercial properties in southern California, as recently published in The Appraisal Journal

Dr. Yost-Bremm holds a PhD in Finance from Texas A&M University, an MBA from California State University (with distinction), and undergraduate degrees in management and international economics (with honors).

Chris Yost-Bremm Curriculum Vitae.

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